Crown Infolink



The InfoLink Advantage Service Plan is a Crown hosted solution that makes critical equipment and operator data accessible and actionable to drive business decisions. Along with the essential fleet management features, the Advantage Service Plan allows you to track operator productivity, manage planned and unplanned maintenance, and get the most out of your energy resources. InfoLink’s interactive dashboards, benchmarking capability and easy to generate detailed reporting provides a tool to make better decisions and achieve better results.



Access Control

  • Only trained and authorised users are able to access the equipment
  • Operator certifications are verified through keypad entry or ID card
  • Manage Certificates, with visibility to expiry dates
  • Global compatibility with 12 languages available
  • Customisable pre-shift inspection checklists
  • Configurable responses for failed inspection checklists (Notifications or Lock Outs)
  • Electronic documentation of checklists


Impact Validation

  • Rugged, integrated sensors located for consistency in recording events on the X and Y axis
  • Crown’s Impulse technology filters nuisance events
  • Equipment specific thresholds, with configurable responses – Low and High thresholds

Encourages Operator Responsibility and Reduces Damage

  • Visibility to frequency of impact events
  • Configurable event responses for manager and operator awareness
  • Acknowledge impact alerts with comments and documentation


Operator Benchmarking

  • Create scalable benchmarks for operator groups
  • Compare average travel/lift time per hour to other facilities
  • Track how effectively your operators complete inspection checklists
  • Manage operator performance modes by certificate