FMX /Real Control Benefits



31% Average Savings with normal Fleet Management

FMX/Real Control has these benefits and more such as: Actual tyre savings due to Transmission Protection (Forklifts) Idle Cut – Out (depending on time out selected) Fuel savings Engine Protection (Oil/Water) & Transmission

Starter Motor Protection can ensure that over cranking is 100% identified and eliminated thereby saving on starter motor replacement and re-conditioning. Un-necessary battery damage will also be prevented.

The above will also help to identify Low Battery and Low/empty gas.

Battery Cut Out, Low Battery, Opportunity Charging Detection, Battery Temp up to 40% (Elec machines)

FMX uses GPRS to report NOT GPS, and because of this FMX is able to report accurately even from inside a building, and the reports would thus also be more accurate and not intermittent.

Many of the other features, although not specifically measureable, provide non-tangible savings such as:

  • Premium reductions are granted by a number of insurance companies due to the pro-active risk reduction that FMX assists with. The reporting can then assist with validating incidents that result in claims.
  • The monitoring of daily engine lubricant checks is managed by our Bonnet Open/Closed reporting facility. This can assist in verifying lubricant checks, i.e. oil, water and hydraulic fluid, which could intern, extend the life cycle of a machine by 2-3 years. The person/s responsible for carrying out the daily checks can now be held accountable.
  • Transmission protection can reduce drive chain wear and tear; thereby extending the life of a gearbox and differential by a further 2-3 years.
  • The correct utilization of the productivity feature can assist in increasing/decreasing your fleet size as well as ensuring your drivers are used optimally; it can also prevent unnecessary strain on the hydraulic pump, mast and hydraulic lines with the Load Protection features such as, Excess and Overload alerts.
  • Access control can prevent unlicensed and unauthorized use which has a benefit in reduction of repair costs. In addition Health and Safety claims are reduced.
  • Speed Monitoring/Governing can help prevent Health and Safety incidents as well as impacts. In addition to the Monitoring, and the Alerts on speed parameters breached, we can also do Speed Governing in such a manner that machine performance and Fuel usage is not affected. In this way you can remove the option to speed in totality and prevent possible safety issues in advance.
  • Harsh Braking and Acceleration can identify driver behaviour trends leading to impacts and other incidents. It can also reduce tyre and brake wear.
  • Impact detection can ensure that damages to forklifts, racking, product, buildings and other machines are identified on the machine as well as the Driver, and thereby support the relevant follow up actions.
  • Opportunity Charging detection where identified early or even late in the process can extend your battery life cycle by 2-3 years. Most Operations have 3-4 years on their batteries, where 7 years can be achieved through a well-managed charging processes.
  • Accurate Run Hours can prevent unnecessary billing as well as Run Hour comparisons on the Fleet to prevent incorrect service cycles, and unnecessary Overtime charges.
  • Fuel Profiling can identify trends in fuel usage, particularly events that may be the result of siphoning.
  • Engine Protection through monitoring Oil pressure, Water Temp and the levels can prevent use of the machine when such use can cause damage to an engine.
  • The Master Tags can ensure that only authorised personnel are permitted to start the machine if it has been immobilized for an exception, i.e. impact, over speed, battery low, engine protection, etc.
  • Ignition/Idle On alerting can identify where ignitions are left on, causing battery drainage, thus leading to non-starts’ which could result in repairs/call outs and productivity losses, as well as unnecessary Run Hour accumulation.
  • Battery Cut Out, Low Battery, Opportunity Charging Detection, Battery Temperature can assist in improving the typical life cycle of 3 -4 years vs the ideal 7 years.The cost of running a forklift includes the capital, insurance, maintenance, tyres, fuel, electricity labour and accidental damage costs. Therefore optimizing the number of forklifts used, increasing the productivity of forklifts, increasing the forklift productive life and improving driver behavior, FMX is the perfect tool to decrease running costs and increase productivity.


Simply responding timeously to the exception alerts can pay for FMX in itself without further justification required.The FMX hardware costs on an IC machine (single shift) is recoverable within 6 months and a double shift within 3 months. (ROI based on tyre/fuel savings and reduction of unbilled excess run hours.)

FMX is a very powerful management tool if used correctly, whether for purposes of Cost Controls/Staff Management/Health and Safety…FMX can.