Crown Infolink

Crown thinks beyond the lift truck to help customers collect, measure, benchmark, analyse and act on data about their forklift trucks, operators, service, applications and fleet.


Forklift Fleet and Operator Management

Tap into the pulse of your warehouse and let operational data produce better decisions saving you time and money.

Crown Quickpick – Order Picking

Crown’s QuickPick Remote is a game-changing innovation in low-level order picking – a fast-paced, physically demanding job. The technology automates tasks that simplify workflow — saving time, reducing risk and increasing productivity.

In traditional order picking applications, operators constantly return to the compartment to move the truck forward. With QuickPick Remote, operators maintain a smooth workflow pattern, focusing less on positioning the truck and more on the task of picking.

VNA trucks semi-automation technologies

Auto Positioning System

An advanced optional feature exclusive to the TSP Series VNA truck, enables the truck to take the most effective route to the rack location, increasing productivity by up to 25%.