Renting his forklift fleet from Goscor Rental Company (GRC) has eliminated downtime in his operation says Afrox Industrial & Medical Gases production manager Gert van den Heever.

“This arrangement has revolutionised our forklift efficiency,” he says. “I have a GRC technician on site every morning checking and, if necessary, attending to more serious problems and if the problem is too serious we’ll have a replacement truck delivered within the hour,” says van den Heever.

He adds that GRC’s service has been outstanding. “We looked at many leading forklift brands for the fleet and Goscor won the deal because of their reputation for excellent support and service. We had high expectations of them in this department and they have not only met them, but surpassed them,” he says.

Van den Heever has nine Doosan diesel forklifts in his fleet, which he recently got his team to ‘spruce up’ for the visit of the international Board of Directors. “It was most impressive,” he says, “but, most importantly, very motivating for the team who take pride in their work and they received the praise they deserve.”

GRC’s sales manager Barbara McCarthy who services the Afrox account says it’s a privilege working with van den Heerver and his team. “They are a thoroughly professional organisation,” she says.

In addition to its warehousing and logistics division, GRC offers a full range of Tennant industrial cleaning equipment, including road sweepers, ride-on sweepers and ride-on scrubbers. All products and services are backed up by the Goscor group’s nationwide parts and service network.

For more information please contact Barbara McCarthy on 011 230 2600

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