Pallet Runners

The Goscor Pallet Runner Radio Shuttle High Density Storage System is a revolutionary product that provides sleek and efficient storage for your collection of high density storage products. The Pallet Runner delivers on storing and arranging products by simply removing and replacing its controls on the state of art modular design.

The Pallet Runner has an electrical maintenance free battery that lasts for about 22 hours continuously with a recharge time of less than 3 hours. It is available with a pallet lift height of one full inch of space between the pallet and the railings to avoid any strap stretch or catching on the railings. It is now a part of the collection that is not just designed for last-in, first-out but also for first-in, first-out applications. This system was designed to be the most organized and efficient pallet storage system on the market, and it certainly delivers. Most drive-in systems on the market today will match the Pallet Runner retrofit, making it simple to incorporate this handy tool into your warehousing system, no matter what you’re already using.