Counter Balance Forklifts

The Goscor four wheel counter balance forklifts are among the most durable and full bodied trucks on the market. They are designed specifically to make warehousing operations speedy and power efficient.

The pneumatic and solid tire truck series is available in five different models and is among the most robust series, facilitating a range of lifting capacity from 1.5 tons to 16 tons. Some of the lines advanced features include safe and consistently speedy lift speeds, whether loaded or not, maintenance free oil cooled brakes, and the Doosan Active control technology and Operating Sensing system.

The counter balance truck models FC-4500, SC-5300, and RC-5500 models are the sit down and stand up counterbalance trucks with a lifting capacity ranging from 1000kg-3000kg, providing faster and controllable heavy duty lifting. The FC-4500 is a four-wheeled model while the RC-5500 is a three wheeler.

These forklifts are the workhorses of the warehouse industry.  They provide solutions for a full range of material handling requirements and are one of the more popular trucks seen in most warehouses today.