Rider Pallet Trucks – WT 3000 Series

Pallet Truck with Stand-On Platform 2000 and 2500 kg Capacity

One tough truck. One smooth ride.

When you face intense pallet truck conditions and high throughput demands, Crown has the answer. The WT 3000 pallet truck has what it takes for both truck and operator to excel. Robust engineering. Best-in-class durability. Task efficiency. Comfort.

The WT 3000 pallet truck series offers the widest model variation available including four platform configurations, capacitites of up to 2.5 tons and electronic steering. The entire pallet truck line is loaded with innovative features you can only get from Crown: FlexRide™ operator suspension, e-GEN® braking system, Access 1 2 3® control system, Entry Bar Safety Switch and quick-exit side restraints.

Here’s a pallet truck you can take to the extreme and back, again and again.


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