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Crown brand order pickers are some of the best in the industry today. Built tough to last long and power through any tough job, these little machines pack a big punch in any warehouse. Crown order packers are built exclusively, with a wide range of excellent features, including comfort built to reduce fatigue, phenomenal driving performance, and other features designed to simplify the movements of the operator using the machine.

With nearly a dozen different order packer models available from Crown, ranging from mid-high range, mid-high level, and even assisting vehicles, Crown has got a machine to suit any job. With four-point suspension and extended out-riggers, you can handle 2.4 metre long loads with ease, lifting it as high as 11.3 inches. The Wave Work Assist model is an order packer on wheels, designed to make your jobs run with maximum ease and efficiency.

The award winning Crown order pickers series was designed around the entire picking process with superior driving performance, fatigue-reducing comfort, and a significant number of features which reduce and simplify the operator’s movement when performing tasks both on and off the order picker.

Low Level Order Picker – GPC Series

Load Capacity: 6000 lb

Make easy work of complicated tasks and take your order-picking process to the next level with the efficiency, comfort and flexibility of Crown’s GPC Series order picker.

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Mid/High – Level – LP 3500 Series

Mid-Level Order Picker 1000 kg Capacity

Mid-Level Order Picker
1000 kg Capacity

Easy Access
When you have limited space at ground level for your fast-moving products, the LP 3500 Series provides the perfect solution.

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Mid/High Level – SP 3500

Crown’s SP Series high-level order picker supports a variety of operational needs while delivering speeds that ensure the fastest cycle times.

The SP Series includes six different models with reach heights between 8 and 11.3 metres to match your requirements.

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Wave Work Assist Vehicle – WAV 60 Series

Multi-Purpose at Multi-Levels

90 kg Load Tray Capacity
115 kg Load Deck Capacity

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