Message from the MD

Darryl Shafto

I don’t know about you but wherever I go these days I hear complaints about the economy and how slow things are in business, and how corruption is killing the country and … well, just loads of negativity to say the least.

Interesting that I don’t hear this sort of talk in the corridors of Goscor Lift Truck Company! The fact is we are performing well above the bar and I don’t believe we would be accomplishing this if we as a company had a negative disposition. Negativity creates apathy and poor performance and the vicious circle is closed by people blaming the poor performance on the economy, the corruption and any other excuse they can think of.

Yes, the objective fact is that we are in a recession and we live in a challenging economic environment. But commercial activity continues. People need food, petrol, medicine etc and our clients, who sell this to them in great quantities, need a whole lot of things including the most efficient material handling equipment solutions.

So, while some of our competitors are negative, the Goscor family has learnt that when the going gets tough the tough get going. We realise that efficient solutions for our customers are even more important in these times and we work even harder to provide them. Our positive attitude gives us the energy to do whatever it takes to ensure that we are the number one choice for the industry and this is working … like a bomb.

The facts back this up. September, against industry trends, was the record invoice month for 2018 and we expect to have our best quarter as we end the year. Our back-order book remains extremely healthy, and our projected budgets for next year are appropriately bullish. Personally, I know that we will achieve our forecasts for the year ahead and for the years after that!

I have always said that one GLTC’s greatest assets is our outstanding training programmes and our training centre has been one of our best investments. Keeping up to date with new technology and ensuring the best levels of technical knowledge on current and even older technologies helps us to give the best possible service to our clients.  I’m pleased to day that our training centre is not only recognised by ourselves as a world class facility but also by our business partners. So much so that it is now DPI approved by Crown.

By the time this is out we will have had the CILTSA breakfast at our premises where we hosted over 70 guests. We are determined to continue building our thought leadership position in South Africa’s logistics and material handling equipment industries. GLTC has developed a reputation for being a trendsetter in terms of giving our clients novel, out-of-the-box solutions which help them increase their efficiency and improve their bottom line performance. This takes more than just physical service. It takes deep and innovative thinking about what’s best for our clients and we commit to continuing this creative way of finding the best possible solutions for them in the areas of finance, safety and overall efficiency.

Sadly we say goodbye to Warren Newell one of GLTC’s best-performing family members who is taking up a post with Crown in New Zealand. We wish Warren and his family the very best of luck and happiness in the their new adventure!

Finally, have the best festive season and please drive safely! I look forward to seeing you all next year fit and ready for another great Goscor year!