Maintenance instructions for deep cycle forklift batteries


  1. Always wear your personal protective clothing when working on batteries i.e. safety glasses and gloves.
  2. If you get acid on your skin or clothes, wash with water. If in your eyes, flush with water for 10 minutes then seek medical attention.
  3. No naked flames, smoking, welding or grinding permitted in or near the battery bay.
  4. Keep filler caps closed at all times unless you are taking specific gravity readings, checking the electrolyte level or topping up.
  5. Keep all topping up equipment clean and free from dust at all times. Do not use metal containers or funnels for battery water.
  6. Do not place metal objects on top of batteries as this could cause fires or explosions due to explosive gasses being generated and high currents produced if short circuit should occur.


  1. Never over charge a battery i.e. charge at tea times and lunch times etc. This will shorten battery life.
  2. Never interrupt a charge. Allow the charger to complete its cycle.
  3. Never leave a battery in a discharged state. Recharge as soon as possible after use.
  4. Keep the filler caps closed during charging.
  5. Avoid high electrolyte temperatures by:
    1. Expose the battery during charge
    2. Provide proper ventilation
    3. Allow a cool off period after charge
    4. Have your charger checked for correct operation every 6 months
    5. Use the correct charger for your battery


  1. Check the electrolyte levels and top up at the end of charge.
  2. Only used approved battery water to top up.
  3. Do not over top.


  1. Ensure the connector bolts are tight and that their insolation is intact.
  2. Keep the battery lids and tank clean, dry and free of corrosion at all times.
  3. Check that the plug, cables and connectors are serviceable before use.
  4. Do not over discharge the battery. This will shorten it’s life.
  5. Have your battery serviced regularly by Goscor technicians to ensure early detection of possible problems.