Currently in SA, four in every 10 forklift variants in warehouses are Crown machines, supplied locally by Goscor Lift Truck Company. The ratio pretty much confirms Goscor as the dominant force in this market segment – for reasons so apparent! Crown, is a recognised as a first-class brand, which has more than earned its place in the rankings, and that, coupled with the renowned Goscor service standard, it is simply elevated head and shoulders above the rest.

If the process was as simple as just lifting, then maybe there would be other options. But if your needs include efficiency, high tech management systems, ROI and speedy downtime resolution – then it makes sense to ‘Crown’ every buying decision.

Just when you get a crick in the neck, note that Goscor has machines ideal for low level work too, a wide range of Order Pickers and Pallet Handlers perfect for near floor level operation. The Goscor offering is more than providing lifting equipment at reasonable rates, it is also about long-term partnerships with our customers, designed to last a lifetime.

So while you are up there, look around and make sure that all your machines are reaching as high as you need them to. If not, then maybe it is time you gave the best in warehousing a call: 0861 GOSCOR!