The harvest season is in full swing, and Goscor is very proud to once again be contributing to a hassle-free crop harvest with its hardy and durable range of Doosan Forklifts. With the new 7 series range, Doosan has stepped up its cost cutting features.

With enclosed braking systems, Eco Fuel mode, Powershift Transmission, lockable bonnet and plenty of other new offerings, the Doosan becomes the logical choice for your operation.

Goscor truly believes that reduced daily operational and maintenance costs are what keeps our customers coming back year after year. The Doosan is a trusted tool of trade in the traditional agricultural (and other) markets with its robust image and cost-effective overheads.

Additionally, the Doosan also comes with an optional range of high tech accessories/services such as the Goscor-approved Telematics Devices and Bureau Service for those operations who really want to tweak costs to a minimum.

The Doosan operates effectively across diverse operating conditions, from the cold conditions that the South African winter offers to the scorching hot summers that we all love. (Remember that sunblock boys and girls!).

While the economy continues to play games with your hard earned rewards, the Doosan puts a little back every time it gets used.

Get more bang for your buck with Doosan!

Every Doosan you buy comes with the usual Goscor promise of a lifetime partnership and commitment you can count on time and again.

Make the hard decisions easy by contacting us on 0861 GOSCOR or

Posted by John Valentine on LinkedIn