Make that 15 doubles please!

Goscor Rental Company supplied 15 Doosan 3.5 ton LP gas forklifts to key customer, Imperial Retail Logistics Service Provider for Brandhouse Beverages (Pty) Ltd., for liquor handling during the busy festive season.

Established in 2004 as the uniquely South African joint venture between Diageo, Heineken International and Namibia Breweries Limited, Brandhouse is one of South Africa’s leading premium alcohol beverage companies. Warehouse Manager, Kavinesh Beeputh, explains that October to December is always the busiest cycle of the year for Brandhouse due to the December holiday period. “During this pressure period, we push equipment to the limit and we simply cannot afford breakdowns. This is why Goscor Rental Company has been our forklift rental company of choice for over four years. Not only is their equipment of good standard and the most reliable, they also provide an excellent customer service support.”

Brandhouse, part of Imperial Retail Logistics rented the Doosan LP gas-driven forklifts to ensure a clean, quiet and comfortable working environment for operators inside the warehouse. “The fact that Goscor Rental Company has such vast range of equipment means that I can keep it simple by conveniently dealing with only one supplier that can accommodate all my operation requirements. Furthermore, they are able to assist me on short notice and although I have never experienced any major mechanical issues with any of their equipment which is again testimony to their machine reliability, I know they will resolve any mechanical problems as quickly as possible to keep my down time to an absolute minimum.”

Kavinesh compliments Goscor Rental Company on its excellent customer service culture. “They are very professional in the way they do business and have the ability to meet our requirements and deadlines by always going the extra mile for our operations. In a nutshell, they deliver everything I expect from a rental company.”

Barbara Abdalah, newly appointed Head of Division for Goscor Rental Company, says they normally approach Imperial Retail Logistics a few months before to determine what stock their customer will require and when. “This gives us sufficient time to ensure that we have sufficient stock of the machines our customer will require that the machines are fully serviced and ready to meet our customer’s requirements.” Abdalah adds that they also supply attachments which are fitted onto the equipment according to customer specifications and requirements. “For example, in the case of the Brandhouse contract, we add a single double attachment to the forklifts giving four forks instead of two. This enables our customer to handle four pallets at a time instead of two, thereby doubling his productivity.”

With over 31 years’ experience in the industry, Goscor Rental Company, a division of Goscor Lift Truck which forms part of the Goscor Group of companies and Imperial, delivers of one of the most flexible and competitive machine rental solutions on the market. Building and maintaining good customer relationships by supplying the most reliable equipment and service solutions is what Abdalah explains as “the key to our success and growth going forward. Customers are our top priority, our mission is to integrate and consistently deliver world class products with innovative solutions and professional support to maximise customer uptime and productivity.”

Brandhouse rented 15 Doosan LP gas-driven forklifts from Goscor Rental Company for liquor handling during the busy festive season

Brandhouse rented 15 Doosan LP gas-driven forklifts from Goscor Rental Company for liquor handling during the busy festive season