Forklifts for Sale

Looking for a forklift to buy? We are South Africa’s premier forklift company.

We offer a wide range of electric and diesel-powered forklifts for sale at competitive forklift prices. Our extensive range, backed up by our superior after-sales service, enables us to be the most dynamic, customer-service focused forklift company in the country.

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Articulated Narrow Aisle Lift Trucks for Sale

Our articulated lift trucks from Bendi operate on 48V high-capacity electric batteries and are built to maneuver down any narrow path for a multitude of purposes. They are built to ensure comfort and safety thanks to their ergonomically designed seating position with easy handling truck functions and a four-post overhead guard.

Counter Balance Electric Forklifts for Sale

Our Crown and Doosan counterbalance forklifts are designed to make warehousing more efficient and operationally quicker. The four-wheel counter balance forklift guarantees durability and is considered one of the most full-bodied trucks on the market.

Hand Pallet Jacks for Sale

Goscor Lift Trucks proudly stocks Crown and Doosan pallet jacks, available as both a single or as a tandem hand pallet truck. This robust truck can carry heavy capacities of weight up to 2300kg. Its durable, rugged and highly functional.

Turret Trucks for Sale

The Crown turret trucks available from Goscor Lift Trucks are the best in the industry, perfect for the most demanding material handling tasks out there.

Powered Pallet Trucks for Sale

The Crown powered pallet truck is a tough little powerhouse available from Goscor Lift Trucks, designed specifically for small, tight spaces. It is able to maneuver effortlessly within these tight spaces all while still being able to carry the heaviest of loads. It can carry weight and handle tough impacts too.

Stackers for Sale

Our wide range of Crown stackers offer solutions for any warehousing needs. Safety, precision and reliability are guaranteed.

Order Pickers for Sale

Crown builds their order pickers to be tough, powerful, and to stand the test of time. We offer these Crown order pickers and we’re proud to say that they are some of the best in the industry today. The order pickers are built to have enough power to get through any tough job, and they really make a huge difference to any warehouse.

Long & Specialised Loads for Sale

For long and highly-specialised loads, we are excited to now be offering a unique product to meet these specialised needs. This unique Hubtex long load forklift is especially designed for the South African market, making it even more unique.

Specialised Handling Equipment for Sale

Our wide range of Hubtex specialised handling machines include options like glass transport systems, heavy-duty transport vehicles, order picking systems, and electric four-way pedestrian stackers.

Tow Motor Vehicles for Sale

Perfect for the transportation and aviation industries, Goscor Lift Truck’s range of Taylor-Dunn carry/tow vehicles are robust and incredibly efficient.

Types of Forklifts We Sell

Our wide range of quality forklifts for sale will meet most industry or company needs. We pride ourselves on our extensive range on offer, which includes:

Why Buy a Forklift from Goscor Lift Trucks?

When choosing a new forklift for sale from Goscor Lift Trucks, it’s important to know about the benefits we offer, namely:

Quality Brand Forklifts

At Goscor Lift Trucks we offer our valued customers a range of top -quality brands to choose from including Bendi, Crown, Doosan, Hubtex and Taylor-Dunn. We only stock the best brands at the most competitive forklift prices.

Superior Service

When choosing to buy a forklift, make sure you choose a company, like Goscor Lift Trucks, that has a team of highly-experienced individuals who understand the industrial and supply chain environment. At Goscor Lift Trucks we pride ourselves on having a team dedicated to superior sales and after-sales service.

Forklift Service and Parts

We understand that demands that the industrial and supply chain industry is under in terms of their equipment being able to run all the time. That’s why we offer service support by only the best forklift technicians available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Our fully equipped Parts Department allows our customers the ability to order genuine spare parts as and when the need arises.

Depending on your company needs as well as your budget, Goscor Lift Trucks’ guarantee that we’ll get you the right forklift and forklift price that will meet your needs and make your bottom-line happy too.

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After 30 years in the industry, we promise to meet all your forklift needs. Whether you are in the warehousing and construction business, or the supply chain or transportation industry, call Goscor Lift Trucks today to buy a quality forklift.

We operate in all major city centres in South African including, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth and Pietermaritzburg

We believe in forging authentic relationships with our customers, suppliers and principals and have been doing so for over thirty years. We’ve been the leading industrial warehousing equipment solutions company since 1984 and are extremely proud of our heritage as a family-owned business. Thanks to our years of experience, we’ve certainly earned our stripes in the industry.

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