Forklift Batteries and Solutions

Goscor Lift Truck Company supplies SUNLIGHT’s motive power (traction) batteries that “motivate your business”, as they provide reliable energy to your industrial vehicles every day. SUNLIGHT’s specialised R&D department is continuously working on innovative and cost effective solutions to reduce our customers’ operating costs and to maximise their operating efficiency.

SUNLIGHT’s products and services have gained international recognition by ensuring uninterrupted and reliable operations in a wide range of critical applications for a broad spectrum of industries, including Material Handling and Logistics. Read more

Battery Enquiries

Warehouses and distribution centers need reliable power to keep operations running at optimum performance. Whether you’re running one lift truck or a whole fleet, a single-shift operation or multiple shifts, Goscor Lift Truck Company have the right battery and charger solution for your operation.

The Battery Room is a crucial element of warehouse and distribution operation, and can be difficult to plan.  Goscor Lift Truck Company supplies BHS standard and custom warehouse equipment for a variety of material handling needs.  Read more.

Battery Handling Solutions Enquiries