Electrify Your Jobsite

Doosan Electric All-Weather Forklifts – built rugged and ready

A range of four-wheel counterbalance forklift trucks with pure electric power.

Oil Cooled Disc Brakes

Focussing on robust performance, the Doosan Electric 7-Series offers greater durability, enhanced productivity and increased visibility, with a wide range of safety features offered as standard.

The ability to withstand rain, dust and grit makes these machines ready for long shifts of outside duty.

All-Weather, All-Electric features:

  • Available in 1.5 – 5 T
  • Durable Oil Cooled Disk Brakes
  • Anti roll back
  • Automatic speed control
  • Excellent driving comfort and durability
  • True serviceability
  • AC power means you save on costs, improve on safety and cut your carbon footprint!

Doosan. When only the toughest is enough.

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