Today’s Warehousing, Retail and Logistics operations are spoilt of choice – there is a veritable ‘buffet’ of forklifts to choose from. Considering the costs of some of these machines, selecting the ideal unit most suitable for your operation and budget is something to deliberate on carefully.

Sometimes, answers to the weighty questions that often accompany buying decisions are relatively simple – such as which machine type does the world’s biggest retailer use? Which product range has the highest usage in South Africa within the warehousing industry? Which product range continues to win prize after prize in innovation and design standards year after year? Which product is supplied exclusively by Goscor Lift Truck Company in South Africa? The answer to all those questions is simply…Crown.

Crown is renowned for its range of quality and durable trucks. It is no wonder that in 2018 it won the coveted IFOY award for International Forklift Truck of the Year – for the third time.

Crown is the dominant electrical brand in South Africa simply because it delivers every time on the promise of a robust, durable workhorse, backed up by inarguably the best service and support team in the country, represented directly in all the major metros.

With a Goscor Crown in your fleet, you get a lifetime commitment, and a partnership that makes you king every time.

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Posted by John Valentine on LinkedIn