I was recently doing a walkabout assessment at one of Goscor’s large retail customers – and it was in a slightly dark area. All of a sudden I found myself immersed in a warm blue glow. Convinced I was about to be the subject of an alien abduction or in the vicinity of an epiphany, I put on my best ‘Welcome to Earth’ smile and struck a pose with my Vulkan greeting in anticipation.

However, the rapid approach of a forklift brought me back to reality rather quickly, and I stepped back into safety just in the nick of time as the machine trundled past me. Surprisingly, the driver did not even see me! Even with my reflector jacket on, the visibility was so poor that if it wasn’t for the Blue Light warning, I could have become another SHEQ statistic.

That near miss gave rise to this article. We felt it pertinent to highlight the sheer significance of forklift safety – MHE is not for ‘sissies’. Forklifts are workhorses for most warehouse/factory applications these days and perform a remarkable job when used correctly.

However, they can also be incredibly dangerous if left in untrained hands or are operated without appropriate safety features relevant to the application at hand. With that in mind, we remind our customers and prospective ones that Goscor not only supplies world-class forklifts, but also a range of accessories/services such as Blue Safety Lights, High Reach Laser Guidance, Cameras, Tilt indicators, Bureau Services and Load Testing, among others.

With regards to monitoring your drivers’ safety/abuse/productivity, we also offer approved Goscor Fleet Management Devices, which we are happy to demo on request. Very importantly, drivers need to be licensed regularly for the machines you wish them to operate. Contact us and we would be happy to advise on driver training that suits your needs.

There is no such thing as ‘’too safe’’ when the safety of your staff, customers and suppliers is in question. Goscor wants you around for a long time. Therefore, when your informed decision leads you to Goscor, know that the relationship becomes a partnership for life.

Posted by John Valentine on LinkedIn